Esaote is releasing two new ultrasound systems for general clinical use.

go0o848475 Esaotes Latest Ultrasound Devices Coming to Market

The MyLab Seven is a traditional wheeled device in a small footprint with new productivity features and the MyLab Alpha is a miniaturized laptop-like ultrasound that brings the same high quality imaging of the company’s high end systems into a small package.

From the announcement:

The innovative POP platform is the core of the new MyLabTM systems and delivers ease-of-use, applicationspecific customization and new levels of connectivity. The systems offer a simple and user-friendly interface, a wide LCD HD display screen, outstanding attention to ergonomic detail and an intelligent touch-screen which features Esaote’s exclusive e-touch technology.

The e-touch feature represents Esaote’s pioneering approach to take exam efficiency to a new level. By simply pressing the e-touch button, a user can now enter a customized environment where personal settings, complex functions, annotations and measurements can be stored and easily recalled during the examinations, allowing a standard ultrasound system to become someone’s personal diagnostic tool.

MyLabTMSeven and MyLabTMAlpha also offer advanced connectivity technology, including wireless networking, full DICOM and IHE compliance. MyLabTMDesk, Esaote’s software that allows users to archive, review, post-process and print exams from the convenience of a PC, is also available to increase productivity.