Horizon Technology Introduces the SmartPrep™ Extractor

Horizon Technology proudly introduces its new SmartPrep Extractor delivering unprecedented versatility for automating tedious manual cartridge-based SPE methods

SmartPrep™ is the first automated, small footprint, SPE extraction system designed specifically for cartridge based sample prep on a wide range of contaminants found in clean aqueous and organic matrices. SmartPrep combines intelligent graphical software, versatile hardware and ease of use to simplify and automate SPE. Single or multiple module scalability makes automation affordable for bench chemists and method developers as well as high volume commercial sample prep laboratories. Total flexibility means unique SPE methods can be applied to any sample. Eight SmartPrep modules controlled from a single computer process up to (96) samples for excellent walk-away capability and the system is compatible with standard 1, 3 and 6mL cartridges. Many differing sample matrices and volumes ranging from 1.0 mL to 1.0L are easily accommodated.