ChemiSorb HTP – Superior High-Throughput, High-Resolution Chemisorption Analyses

Chemical adsorption analyses can provide much of the information needed to evaluate catalyst materials in the design and production phases, as well as after a period of use. A fully automated, six-analysis station adsorption instrument, the Micromeritics ChemiSorb HTP is a superior analytical tool optimized for the measurement of chemical adsorption isotherms and the subsequent reduction of the adsorption data to familiar chemisorption parameters.For those with high-throughput needs, such as large catalyst manufacturers and researchers involved in new catalyst development, the ChemiSorb HTP offers significant advantages over other chemisorption alternatives.

With its six independently operated analysis stations, multiple analyses can be run simultaneously on one ChemiSorb HTP, saving valuable time and lab space. The instrument is capable of lengthy, unattended analyses and includes a high-throughput mode that allows the user to start multiple parallel analyses. Degas/sample preparation is done in situ prior to analysis. Because each analysis station can operate concurrently and independently of one another, samples may be added or removed from degas/analysis stations without disturbing the treatment of other samples undergoing preparation or analysis. The easy-to-use analysis program operates in a Windows® environment with the ability to run other applications while an automatic operation is in progress. Reports can be manipulated and customized in a variety of ways.

The instrument includes a vacuum system and manifold with constantly monitored pressure transducers on each of its analysis stations. Each station is also equipped with a furnace enabling independent control of sample temperature and ramping from 10 oC above ambient to 700 oC. The temperature is recorded with each equilibrium pressure to provide the highest quality isotherms possible. An equilibration option allows the user to specify different equilibration times. A mass flow controller is installed in each analysis station to ensure accurate and reproducible flow through the sample, allowing either powders or shaped catalysts to be prepared. Up to twelve different gases can be attached to the ChemiSorb HTP simultaneously.