Ocean Optics Probe Improves pH Response

R1000-4-Angle probe performs in colored and turbid environments

Dunedin, FL– Ocean Optics’ new R1000-4 reflection probe maximizes efficiency of pH measurement. Paired with Ocean Optics’ non-intrusive reflective pH sensing patches, the R1000-4 overcomes the shortcomings of alternative pH measurements methods to deliver accurate pH response in turbid or colored environments.

Ocean Optics’ optical pH sensor systems consist of a fiber optic probe that accommodates pH reactive patches, plus a light source, spectrometer and software. Indicator material patches and probes can be optimized for monitoring pH in a variety of samples and conditions, from clear and lighter-colored samples such as alcohols and solvents, to turbid and optically dense samples such as slurries and surface waters. Sensing patches can be applied directly to fiber optic probes or to cuvettes and other substrates.

In food, beverage and environmental testing environments, the often colored or muddied solutions make pH measurement a challenge. The R1000-4 probe design greatly increases back reflection from reflective pH patches, increasing signal-to-noise ratio for more accurate results. The combination of the R1000-4 probe and Ocean Optics reflective patches enables accurate, non-intrusive pH measurement for applications from fermentation monitoring of beer and wine, to testing of lake and river water.

Another reason the HR2000 was chosen for this mission was its reliability – a must for remote space operation where maintenance is impossible. Because the spectrometer contains no moving parts to fail, it can withstand the G forces associated with space travel. Additionally, the spectrometers were modified to handle extreme temperature ranges, radiation, shock and vibration.