User-friendly Stability Trials LIMS software speeds access to data and offers major time savings

Laboratories in the pharmaceuticals, food and drink industries regularly need to check the stability of their products and raw materials over prolonged periods of time which is why Two Fold Software Limited is adding a user-friendly Stability Trials software module to its Version 1.1 release of the company’s innovative Qualoupe LIMS software. 

The new Stability Trials software has been specially tailored fororganisations that need to run stability trials over any given period of time and different storage conditions.  Using the software the user can create protocols for parameters such as sampling regimes, detailing storage conditions, sampling frequency and time units.  When running a trial the user can select the protocol which would then create the scheduled samples for the trial. The material being trialled would associate the methods to be performed on the samples.  Trials can be associated with studies and projects.  The Stability Trials software also enables the LIMS to provide prompts for sample pull schedules and the storage location.

“Qualoupe’s Stability Trials software module is much easier to use than having to rely on desktop PC tools such as Excel or using a paper based system,” explained Clive Collier, Two Fold Software’s Managing Director.  “A key benefit is that by using the Stability Trials software you can't forget to perform the testing of samples on the allocated day.  The software helps to collate the sample data of all samples tested through the trial.  Seeing as some trials can continue for years the new software offers significant time savings and quick access to the data as well as providing a detailed reporting capability”. 

The Stability Trial software is one of a trio of new modules now available as part of Qualoupe’s new Version 1.1 LIMS software release.   The other modules provide enhanced solutions for managing consumable stock control automatically as well as providing a Multi-Group capability that offers complete data management flexibility for organizations and companies that not only have multiple sites but also include multiple laboratories within each site.