Keeping on top of work over the holidays

It is a busy time of year for everyone with the holidays coming up and the beginning of a new year. One thing you may want to do is ensure your lab is in good working order and organized. A “To Do” list is always a good idea to ensure all your tasks are being completed. I am a big fan of ticking off a list and love the feeling of success once all items are crossed off. You may want to create a spreadsheet, use a daily organizer, or have a supply of ‘post it’ notes handy. Whatever will work for you to make sure the holidays don’t interrupt your busy schedule.

All of us here at LabWrench would like to wish everyone safe and Happy Holidays! We look forward to seeing you all in 2012 for the launch of our communities project.

Zoe Gillan

Product Research Coordinator

LabX Media Group