Personalize your Purification Team with the PLC 2020 Personal Purification System

Gilson, Inc., an industry leader in purification systems for HPLC, SPE and GPC clean-up, introduces a personal bench top purification system. The Gilson PLC 2020 Personal Purification System provides a complete, compact design with interchangeable pump heads for flow rates of 25 mL/min at 4600 psi, 50 mL/min at 2100 psi, and 100 mL/min at 1200 psi. The system is ideally suited for both high pressure reverse phase and normal phase applications with built in selection of up to 5 separate solvents. The system has electronically actuated manual injections of up to 10 mL volumes and variable dual wavelength UV/VIS detection. All fraction collection control and method creation are controlled from an integrated touchscreen display. The intuitive and simple user interface allows even the most novice user to be purifying compounds in minutes.

A scientist from a leading academic in a drug discovery program had this to say about the new PLC 2020 Personal Purification System, “It’s great to see that a company listens and responds to scientists’ concerns. Gilson’s PLC 2020 is a perfect combination of flexibility, small footprint, cost, and ease-of-use. It’s flexible in the fact that you can use it for everything from low pressure flash runs, up to high pressure/high performance chromatography purifications of various scales. You also have the ability to customize the unit to meet the needs of your application.”

Gilson, Inc. manufactures high quality, dependable purification solutions for today’s demanding Liquid Chromatography, Solid Phase Extraction, Liquid Handling and Gel Permeation Chromatography Clean-up requirements.