Terra Universal’s Vertical Laminar Flow (VLF) Station incorporates fan/filter modules with either 99.99% efficient HEPA or 99.999% efficient ULPA filters to provide a contaminant-free work environment. Fabricated of powder-coated or 304 stainless steel, this cleanroom-compatible system includes transparent side panels that restrict the laminar flow to ensure an effective wash of HEPA-filtered air over the entire work surface. A number of front sash options further contain the airflow, including a motorized shield operated by a touch screen control panel. In the up position, the system provides over 25” of vertical clearance above the work surface for removal or large process equipment. In the closed position, the shield lowers to within 3” of the work surface. The system includes fluorescent illuminator and a differential pressure monitor that displays the backpressure across the filter.

Options include an ionization module that safely neutralizes static charges throughout the work area. A variety of work surfaces are available in several materials, including 304/316 stainless steel, conductive cleanroom laminate, and chemical-resistant polypropylene, as well as modular wet processing benches. Terra also manufactures many other laminar flow systems, including horizontal flow stations and a variety of economical benchtop units.