Introducing the NEW 898 XYZ Sample Changer from Metrohm

Metrohm presents the 898 XYZ Sample changer, an XYZ automate for the fast and reliable analysis of large sample series. Measurements and titrations are carried out directly in the sample vessels. High throughput, plenty of space for 82 samples, the possibility to change racks during operation plus the system being controled by the tiamo® software make the 898 XYZ Sample Change the ideal solution for routine analysis.

The 898 XYZ Sample Changer can be operated with various sample racks. Even with the standard racks, many applications can be directly automated, without having to adapt SOPs for sample volumes. As the racks are split into two, racks with the next batch can be rapidly and simply inserted while the samples are running. This means that you can always make the most of the capacity of your 898 XYZ Sample Changer.

The 898 XYZ Sample Changer is controlled by the world’s leading titration software tiamo®. Operation could not be easier: simply place the samples or racks on the sample changer and enter the sample data. It is even simpler to enter the data with a barcode reader or balance. After the start signal, the whole batch is automatically processed.