Introducing the Source for High Quality, Chromatography Glassware

Researchers have a source for high quality, chromatography glassware designed to provide convenience, economy and efficiency. Kimble Chase, the largest manufacturer of laboratory glassware products in the world, offers a portfolio of chromatography glassware that includes columns, tanks, sample vials and its unique solvent handling system, with Ultra-Ware® reservoirs.

For preparative scale-up applications, chromatographers use borosilicate glass CHROMAFLEX® and FLEX-COLUMN®, or polypropylene DISPOSAFLEX® chromatography columns. Columns are supported with available fittings, flow adaptors and packing reservoirs. For analytical separations, Kimble Chase manufactures glass gravity columns in several configurations along with reservoirs and adaptors. For custom chromatography columns, the Custom Glass Shop at Kimble Chase offers design and fabrication services.

Kimble Chase offers optically clear, ruggedly durable TLC Developing Tanks in several configurations, including rectangular and cylindrical. Microcaps are ingenious borosilicate glass capillary tubes designed for precise TLC plate spotting. Other accessories include TLC reagent sprayers, a plate streaker and labeling templates.

Kimble Chase offers Ultra-Ware HPLC Mobile Phase Handling Systems to improve retention-time reproducibility and baseline stability by reducing contaminant background noise levels. These airtight and chemically resistant systems eliminate exposure to ambient air contaminants while maximizing the effectiveness of helium sparging. The plastic safety coating used on Ultra-Ware reservoirs minimizes photochemical degradation of the mobile phase by blocking virtually all ultraviolet radiation below 385 nanometers. The systems provide completely integrated filtration, sparging/degassing and delivery of solvents. Reservoirs, with their patented conical bottoms, are available in sizes ranging from 250 mL to 20 liters.

For chromatography sample management, Kimble Chase offers chromatography and sample storage vials in various styles, with attached closures, printed volume measurement lines, and closures with multiple cap and liner combinations in a choice of materials. Kimble Chase's vials are manufactured in USA-based, ISO-9001 compliant facilities.