Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Improved Universal Containers

Sterilin 30mL Universals with quick start cap and improved leak-free performance

Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science, today introduced a range of new, improved Thermo Scientific Sterilin 30mL Universal Containers with easier handling and improved leak-free performance.

The improved containers benefit from a ‘QuickStart’ cap which is based on a three start thread, requiring fewer turns to open and close.  The containers’ new multi-seal design has been independently validated when it was shown to give excellent leak-free performance.  For ease of use in the laboratory, containers are supplied in eight handy bags of 50 (400 containers to a carton) and to aid traceability the lot number is printed on each container. 

“We are always looking for ways to improve performance of our products and the improvements to the 30mL Universal Containers will make a big difference in labs across all industry sectors from healthcare to university research”, said Rachel Adams, marketing manager, Thermo Scientific Sterilin products.  “Our new cap design is easier to use. Requiring less effort than conventional designs this new cap should benefit those who handle large numbers of containers.  The improved leak-free performance also helps protect valuable and potentially hazardous samples – another great benefit for laboratories of all types.”