New Product Updates Plus Exciting New Features!

Last week’s product entry focus has been on lab baths and chillers and we completed 12 new products entries into that category.  The following is a summary, click on the links to view each individual product and click on the manufacturers for more information about the company.

We are continuing with product entry of lab baths/chillers this week so look out for more equipment added to this category.

As promised, the long-awaited “Communities” are being rolled out this week and we are all very excited to see how this will improve your experience on LabWrench. You will be advised when this new feature is available to use and we hope you will find it a useful tool! The Communities page is being integrated with My Bench so you will find it under the My Bench tab.

As you are navigating throughout the LabWrench site you will find links attached to all equipment, categories, and manufacturers that will ask you to join or follow their community. Once you join a community you will receive all the updates, news feeds, articles and new products related to that specific equipment, category, or manufacturer. This can all be managed through the new My Bench Communities page. You will also have the choice of signing up to receive email notifications. You can join as many communities as you like so you have the option to streamline your own LabWrench experience to the areas you are interested in. Stay tuned for the roll-out announcement! 


Zoe Gillan

Product Research Coordinator

LabX Media Group