Implen releases the new NanoPhotometer® P-Class for an even more All-in-One line of micro volume spectrophotometers

Implen GmbH announces the release of the 3rd generation NanoPhotometer® as a full line of micro volume spectrophotometers for laboratories involved in protein and nucleic acid quantification. The even more All-in-One NanoPhotometer® P-Class includes NanoVolume (0.3ul) analysis, cuvette capability, built-in vortexer, and standalone operation. The NanoPhotometer® P-Class still offers the smallest sample requirement, widest dynamic range, fast scan times, and lifelong accuracy without need for recalibration.

The Implen NanoPhotometer® P-Class was launched across the world on October 24, 2011. The Implen NanoPhotometer® P-Class is the latest solution for small volume analysis which is integrated into scientists' workflows to provide dependable results which lead to discoveries in cancer research, neurodegenerative disease, drug development, bioenergy, agriculture, forensics, and more. The new NanoPhotometer® P-Class is the most recent innovation from Implen for total laboratory workflow integration.