Labguru's Free iPad App Simplifies Multitasking and Note-Taking at the Bench

The Labguru iPad App Connects Researchers' Work At and Away From the Bench


BioData Ltd., a scientific software as a service company funded by Digital Science, a division of Macmillan Publishers, today launched the free Labguru iPad® app for academic scientists who juggle multiple concurrent experiments and seek to better organize their experimental notes. The Labguru iPad app syncs the bench-relevant information from experiments planned and tracked on Labguru's collaborative research management web service, helping scientists effortlessly transition from planning and analyzing experiments at the desk to executing protocols and collecting data at the bench.

The Labguru app formats protocols for bench use, which includes an easy-to-read list of steps that can be tapped to mark progress, preset countdown timers, an always-visible list of currently running experiments and associated countdown timers, and space for reference material (e.g. 96-well plate diagrams) in text, table, and image formats. Results and notes, such as protocol deviations or sample labels, can be quickly added alongside the protocol steps. Progress and data are synced and organized with the relevant experiment on Labguru's website to ensure easy subsequent data analysis and paper drafting. Download the free Labguru iPad app at

"Running concurrent experiments is the norm at the bench. We all have struggled to remember where we are in multiple protocols, timing gels and incubations throughout the day, which tube has what in it, as well as keeping our notes in the right spot for later use," says Jonathan Gross, Founder and Co-CEO of BioData. "Our free Labguru iPad App helps you keep on top of all of those steps, timers, and notes. Experiments planned at the desk and the data recorded at the bench are synced with Labguru's web service, so that tasks and information are organized when pipetting at the bench, analyzing data, sharing results, and writing a paper."

Labguru's web service is a collaborative research web application that helps academic labs plan experiments, track progress on projects and milestones, share results, organize related documents, protocols, and data, as well as manage inventories and ordering. Individual Labguru accounts are free, take less than a minute to start, and assistance is available for entering data.