ThermoProbe, Inc. introduces the new ThermoProbe TL2 digital reference thermometer.

We are pleased to introduce the new ThermoProbe TL2, the newest technology in non-mercury reference thermometers, from ThermoProbe, Inc., a company with a long history in the design and manufacture of digital thermometers for use in petrochemical storage facilities, refineries, explosive environments, laboratories, and other specialized temperature measurement fields.

The TL2 is built on technology proven by several thousand field-tested TL1 models, and represents the latest in thermometer design. The TL2 is a 2-channel, precision bench-top platinum resistance thermometer (PRT) offering a higher level of metrology accuracy than mercury thermometers and most digital thermometers. Ready to use, right out of the box, the TL2 comes as a conveniently packaged instrument with exchangeable sensor(s), calibrated as a complete NIST-traceable thermometry system.  It’s also cost-effective, which -- as every lab manager knows -- is not always the case with new technologies. In addition to being a reference thermometer, the TL2 provides easy to use data logging capabilities with the convenience of PC- or USB-flash drive interface.

As traditional mercury thermometers are being phased out due to their environmental and human health hazards, several alternative technologies have been introduced, but in many cases the available replacement equipment is either inaccurate or cost-prohibitive and comparatively difficult to use.

Several states now prohibit the sale of mercury-containing thermometers. The National Institute of Standards and Technology ceased calibrating mercury-in-glass thermometers for traceability purposes in March 2011 and is working with EPA, ASTM, and API to seek out viable alternatives.

The ergonomic design and large display make the TL2 ideally suited for use as a calibration reference thermometer and for recording temperature-time based data. Using dual channels, the TL2 provides data logging capabilities for two simultaneous measurements with the convenience of PC- or USB-flash drive interface. Users can download data from the TL2 using its flash drive port and upload directly onto a PC. Unlike most comparable devices, the TL2 does not require the purchase of separate digital readout and probe sensors. There is no need to send two separate components to a calibration lab to get the unit up and running. Just open the box, plug it in, and start taking your calibrated measurements.