Easy-To-Use Electronic Pipette Filler

The Ultrajet pipette controller from Porvair Sciences is an easy-to-use electronic pipette filler. Ergonomically designed the Ultrajet is quick and simple to operate and can be used for extended periods of time without discomfort.

Large buttons on the hand grip enable precise fine control of aspiration and dispensing of liquids. An integral LCD display displays selected aspiration speed which can be simply set with a button under the display. A removable neoprene nozzle grips most standard laboratory pipettes firmly and efficiently allowing users to accurate transfer liquids into plates, vials or flasks.

Compact in size the Ultrajet is perfect for use even in confined spaces such as cabinets and fume hoods. Over filling protection is provided by a disposable 0.45um filter in the nose of the controller. Ultrajet uses a rechargeable lithium battery, so there are no unsightly cables trailing from it and it comes complete with a self-adhesive bench holder for storage. EC compliant each Ultrajet controller is supplied with an appropriate mains charger.