NEW MS Qual/Quant QC Mix

Still using BSA to standardize your Mass Spec QC runs? Switch to Sigma's new MS Qual/Quant QC Mix. Experience the newest technology available in protenomic analysis from Sigma Life Science.

You can now benchmark and monitor the daily performance of both qualitative and quantitative protenomic platforms with Sigma's Mass Spec Qualtiy Control Standard (Cat. No: MSQC1)

Qualitative Benefits - Mixture of 6 typically digested human proteins

  • Consistant, defined mixture
  • 25 fold concentration range
  • C18 purified

Quantitative Benefits - 14 stable isotope (SIL) peptides corresponding to 2-3 tryptic peptides for each protein has been incorporated into the protein digest

  • Concentration range greater than three orders of magnitude
  • MRM settings and transitions provided
  • Light:Heavy ratios from 50:1 to 1:5