LabWrench Communities are here!

The My Bench Communities are here! When browsing LabWrench you will come across these symbols ( , , ) and the option to "bench" products, categories, and even manufacturers. This will allow you to tailor your LabWrench profile to your specific interests while receiving updates, articles, news feeds, and discussion activity on the areas that you've benched.

Product Communities

Add specific lab equipment and instruments that you use within your lab. Ask questions and provide answers to interact with other scientific professionals

Category Communities

Receive the latest news and information on product categories. Interested in new technologies? You can join any category listed on LabWrench and receive daily or weekly alerts.

Manufacturer Communities

Interested in hearing the latest news from your favorite manufacturer? You can now add them to your "MyBench" as well!


  • Access to discussions, resources, news, and more
  • Receive notifications on categories, equipment, and manufacturers
  • Manage your communities on your My Bench page


  • No more searching to find the updates you are looking for
  • Be one of the first to receive all the latest news and notifications
  • Easy access to your chosen communities

Click here to register for LabWrench and get started on building your My Bench Communities today!


Zoe Gillan

Product Research Coordinator

LabX Media Group