Electrophoresis: The Electro-Kinetic Phenomenon

Electrophoresis is a biotechnology technique used to separate and analyze charged molecules within an electric field. There are various types of gels used depending on the required results. Two commonly used gels are Agarose (sugar polymer derived from seaweed), and Polyacrylamide or PAGE (highly toxic). Along with different gel types, there are also a variety of electrophoresis techniques including; Capillary, 2-Dimensional, DNA sequencing, and Isoelectric to name a few.

Safety considerations while working with electrophoresis equipment:

  • Never manipulate the equipment while plugged into the electrical outlet
  • Do not attempt to alter the design of the gel box or power supply
  • Leave power supply off until all leads are connected
  • Disconnect leads from power supply when accessing the tank
  • Never hold both leads simultaneously

Agilent Technologies, Biometra, GE Healthcare, and Hoefer are just a few companies who manufacture and sell electrophoresis equipment.

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Zoe Gillan

Product Research Coordinator

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