OMEGA Introduces Precision Fluidized Bath FFB-8 Series

Omega introduces its FFB-8 series that offers a wide operating range of 50 to 700°C (122-1292°F), PID temperature control and a built-in dust extraction and collection system. The model FFB-8 employs the principle of fluidization of a mass of finely divided particles to provide a safe, essentially isothermal environment with a high rate of heat transfer.This CE compliant product is non-abrasive to any devices or parts put into the bath, including those highly polished. The FFB-8 is a safer and cleaner alternative to conventional liquid systems and volatile salt baths as well as more efficient with a fast recovery time after the bath is quenched. This unit is suitable for many applications, including thermal testing of sensitive components such as semiconductor devices, wire products, delicate transducers and may also be used as a constant temperature environment for chemical reactions.