Lentiviral particles provide labels for organelles

AMSBIO has announced a new range of ready-to-use lentiviral particles that allow direct visualisation of organelles or structures in cells without manipulation.

For real time visualisation, traditionally researchers have had to use plasmids for organelle markers, but the labelling was transitory. Now using the new AMSBIO lentiviral particles - researchers have an easy way to provide long term labels on many cellular structures (stable integration inside the genome) without the need for transfection reagents. Using lentiviral particles also allows effective direct visualisation of Nuclei, Nuclear Membrane, Mitotic Chromosomes and Interphase Chromatin, Endosome, Endoplasmic Reticulum, Microtubule, Mitochondria, Golgi, Lysosome, Plasma Membrane, Cytoplasm and Peroxisome in hard to transfect mammalian cells, stem cells and primary cells.

The new lentiviral particles employ 3 fluorescent protein tags (GFP, RFP or CFP), fused to specific DNAs encoding organelle-specific or structure-specific proteins, to enable direct visualization of the organelles or structures without manipulation or antibodies. Using this proprietary multicolour labelling technology - researchers can now target 3 different structures in the same experiment and differentiate them from each other easily.