What's Your Top Priority When Buying or Replacing a Lab Balance?

In the world of Lab Balances it’s all about precision and accuracy. With two basic balance types: Analytical and Top Loaders, plus some less common types: Microbalances, Precision, and Ultra-Microbalances, it’s no wonder purchasing a Lab Balance can be a daunting task. According to the responses from a survey conducted by Lab Manager Magazine, factors/features that influence the decision-making process when buying a balance are as follows (percent of people that stated of high importance);

  • Reliability = 98%
  • Durability = 94%
  • Low Maintenance = 90%
  • High Precision = 88%

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Featured Lab Balance Question

Posted By:khamtick

Message:Wrong display. Example, the weigh shows 34.0 first time, second 35.7 and 36.8 g like these please help me if you can as soon as possible.

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