New High Powered NIR Light Source from Ocean Optics

Vivo Light Source with four individual bulbs and active cooling for control and accuracy

Ocean OpticsVivo NIR Source is a compact, tungsten halogen light source for VIS-NIR spectroscopy across the 360-2000 nm range. Compatible with all Ocean Optics spectrometers, optical fibers and sampling accessories, Vivo delivers powerful output for reflection and other measurements. The high powered source is ideal for use in NIR analysis of pharmaceuticals, grains and oils, as well as food safety applications.

Vivo’s four tungsten halogen sources, arranged for reflection measurements at a 90 degree angle to the detection fiber, can be turned on and off for precision control. The powerful bulb output enables shorter spectrometer integration times than conventional methods-as fast as 1ms with some system setups. An inner cooling fan reduces the risk of overheating the sample to ensure accuracy.

The Vivo can be attached to Ocean Optics’ RTL-stage or other standard for stability and control. Powered by an included universal power supply, the Vivo’s tungsten halogen bulbs are rated for 2,000 hours.