METTLER TOLEDO Launches the SmartCal Reference Substance

METTLER TOLEDO has launched the innovative SmartCal reference substance, designed to verify and document moisture analyzer performance with a simple 10-minute test.

METTLER TOLEDO offers a ground-breaking method for calibrating moisture analyzers: SmartCal is the new quality control check, based on a certified and traceable reference substance, which verifies instrument performance with a simple 10-minute moisture measurement. SmartCal fulfills the quality management system requirements of the food sector (BRC, IFS), the pharmaceutical industry (GMP, USP <1058>), and also meets ISO 9001.

User-friendly 10 Minute Test

METTLER TOLEDO’s innovative SmartCal test is easy to perform and requires only 10 minutes. Each single-use sachet contains 8.5 grams of the reference substance which has a defined moisture content. The user simply places the contents of the sachet in the moisture analyzer and presses ‘Start’. A straightforward Pass/Fail notification confirms if the result is within the specified SmartCal control limits, and the instrument is ready for use. SmartCal is an easier and simpler alternative to the traditional, tedious method for testing moisture analyzers that involves using a weight for balance calibration and performing temperature calibration with a thermometer.

Audit-ready Documentation

Regular moisture analyzer monitoring with METTLER TOLEDO’s SmartCal ensures that instrument
performance is in accordance with specifications. Maintaining a control chart of test results provides
audit-ready documentation on instrument performance, avoiding auditing issues. Certified SmartCal
(cSmartCal) is supplied with a Certificate of Analysis issued by the independent German Federal
Institute of Materials Research and Testing in Berlin. Instrument specifications, recommended test
frequencies, testing SOPs and control limits are all included in the SmartCal package.