Stuart’s new power-packed Mini Stirrer

The new SM5 Mini Stirrer from Stuart packs the power to stir volumes up to 1 litre and even offers a choice of three stylish fascia designs.

This versatile and economical magnetic stirrer is very simple to operate, providing stirring speeds of 350 to 2,000 rpm. The SM5 is lightweight yet strong, constructed from polypropylene with a chemically resistant polycarbonate top.

Jackie Taylor, Stuart Product Manager commented, ‘The SM5 is the smallest in our comprehensive range of magnetic stirrers but it makes a big impression. For a start, there’s the robust casing which incorporates silver-based BioCote® antimicrobial protection for enhanced safety. The power to mix an impressive 1 litre at adjustable speeds makes the SM5 an attractive option for any lab. We’ve also given our new Mini Stirrer a fun twist with a choice of three different fascia designs: Blue with the Stuart logo, a Bibby Scientific image or an abstract blue swirl.’