Analyzing environmental samples for percentage levels of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen

Analyzing environmental samples for percentage levels of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen (CHN) is achieved quickly, easily and reliably using the CE 440 Elemental Analyzer from Exeter Analytical Inc.

Traditional methodologies for determining CHN content of soil, plant and insect samples typically use macro-CHN or Kjehldahl Nitrogen analysis. While both these techniques are proven to generate useful data, both have drawbacks. Macro-CHN analyzers are relatively expensive to purchase and run compared to Micro-CHN systems, such as the CE 440, and Kjehldahl requires use of highly corrosive and toxic chemicals. A growing number of crop research institutes are benefiting from the CE 440's routine ability to accurately and precisely determine the CHN content of a wide range of soil, plant and insect materials using samples sizes of typically 2 - 20mg.

As the CE 440 provides complete control over combustion parameters it is able to reproducibly achieve 100% combustion with almost any sediment sample. For sediment samples with low levels of Nitrogen in the 0.1-0.2% range, proprietary Nitrogen analysis software uniquely enables accurate measurement at these levels with a high degree of accuracy.

Beneficially the CE 440 also provides the capacity to process air and water monitoring filters up to 50mm in diameter in one analytical cycle.  By comparison other elemental analyzers, employing vertical furnace designs, require larger filters to be sub sampled several times and then corrective calculations made to enable analysis.

The horizontal furnace design of the CE 440 allows removal of residues between runs preventing cross contamination and enabling in excess of 1000 samples to be run between combustion tube changes. The gas flow characteristics of the CE 440 analyzer are superior to other elemental analyzers due to the effective elimination of troublesome residue build-up. This leads to longer-term calibration stability as well as enhanced accuracy and precision for measured sample data.

Low gas and reagent consumption combined with high reduction tube life allows the CE 440 to deliver some of the lowest operating costs of any CHN elemental analyzer available. Intuitive Windows based operating software reduces human errors through incorporation of extensive automation, comprehensive customer help and diagnostic facilities.  Most parts on the CE 440 are user replaceable further reducing operating costs and downtime.