Bruker Announces SCION 436 and 456 Gas Chromatographs

At the 23rd Analytica Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology and Analytical Conference ( in Munich, Germany, Bruker today announced the release of its new generation gas chromatography platform – the SCION™ Series Gas Chromatographs.

Utilizing the Innovation with Purpose Strategy, the new SCION 436-GC, and the SCION 456-GC set a new standard for data acquisition speed,  >600 Hz per channel. This key advance increases productivity and provides a platform that will inspire further advancement of GC separation technology. Every SCION GC series comes standard with a 9 inch, multi-language touch-panel designed for full GC operation in 13 different languages, making it truly a global instrument. Dr. Frank Laukien, President and CEO of Bruker Corporation commented, “The launch of the new generation SCION 436 and 456 Gas Chromatographs reaffirm our commitment to providing innovative new products to the gas chromatography market. Continuing from the incredibly successful SCION TQ and SQ products, the new SCION GC’s set the stage for even more innovations from Bruker in this key market segment.”

The SCION 436-GC is a compact 2 injectors, 2 detectors, platform that supports all the injectors and detectors including mass spectrometry – a perfect choice when bench space is at a premium. The SCION 456-GC provides industry-leading flexibility by supporting 3 injectors and 4 detectors, including the mass spectrometer. Meredith Conoley, Director of GC Marketing, added, “The SCION 456-GC is the industry’s first system to be able to simultaneously acquire data from 4 detectors including a mass spectrometer, providing our users a rapid time-to-benefit advantage.”

Mr. Collin D'Silva, President of the Bruker Chemical & Applied Market (CAM) division, remarked: "The launch of our new generation Bruker SCION Gas Chromatographs coupled to our Pittcon 2012 launch of CompassCDS C/S sets the standard for high-productivity GC analysis, making the SCION platform one that’s focused on results."