Thermo Fisher Scientific Expands Accucore HPLC Column Family with New C8 Phase Solid Core Column

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today announced the Thermo Scientific Accucore C8 HPLC column. Based on state-of-the-art Core Enhanced Technology™, the new C8 HPLC column expands the Accucore™ HPLC family of columns with a shorter alkyl length bonded phase, which provides lower hydrophobic retention than the equivalent C18 phase. The new phase enhances chromatographic performance without generating excessive operating pressure, enabling laboratories to improve sample throughput and quality of results. Compatible with any instrument from any manufacturer, the Accucore C8 HPLC column is recommended for analytes with medium hydrophobicity.

Core Enhanced Technology features solid core particles engineered to a diameter of 2.6 µm, and an average particle size distribution (D90/10) of 1.12, enabling high-speed, high-resolution separations with backpressures significantly lower than those associated with UHPLC. The advanced bonding technology used in Accucore HPLC columns results in excellent peak shapes through high bonding coverage and minimized secondary interactions. The automated packing processes used during column manufacture produce uniform tightly packed columns which are robust and reproducible. 

“The Accucore C8 HPLC column represents a high-value extension to the Accucore HPLC column family,” said Darren Thomas, business director, Chromatography Consumables Solutions, Thermo Fisher. “Designed to improve chromatographic separations, the new column offers HPLC/UHPLC users improved sample throughput without producing excessive pressures.”