MSc2™ from LECO:  Mass Spectrometry with Comprehensive  Collision-Induced Dissociation

LECO’s Citius™ LC-HRT High Resolution Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer offers an inherent advantage over traditional Q-TOF instrumentation with its unique MSc2 fragmentation technology.

This novel approach can enhance analysis in metabolomics, natural products, and more. Compared to traditional and competitive CID systems, MSc2 provides high resolution analysis for all parent ions and their multiple fragmentations. While traditional Q-TOF systems are limited to providing fragmentations only on the datapoints you’ve designated, MSc2 offers fragmentation for multiple datapoints at one time, giving the user the capability to leverage detector speed for each fragmentation. LECO’s ChromaTOF-HRT® software with True Signal Deconvolution® then helps organize the data produced by the fragmentations, making them searchable among the many libraries available today. A more complete data analysis can be performed at one time, aiding in a more complete analysis of unknown analytes, saving the operator time and increasing productivity.