E-Series Free-Standing Ductless Enclosures from AirClean Systems

E-Series free-standing polypropylene ductless fume hoods join AirClean Systems’ established line of operator protection products.

AirClean Systems’ ductless fume hood lineup has been further expanded to include free-standing fume hoods capable of enclosing equipment up to 52” tall. To fit a variety of applications, three models are available: AC3000E (36”), AC4000E (48”) and AC6000E (72”). These new off-the-shelf containment solutions eliminate the need for costly customization when enclosing mixers, mills, grinders, reactors, or other tall equipment.

Typically floor mounted, the E-Series enclosures feature an upper folding sash combined with lower access doors, providing easy ergonomic access during manipulation. This full access design allows equipment to be easily inserted or removed from the enclosure.

Utilizing AirClean Systems’ proven ductless fume hood design, these enclosures pull room air through the back baffle and filter chemical fumes, vapors and particulate via bonded carbon and/or HEPA filtration before returning clean air back to the room. Face velocity and filters are continuously monitored and controlled via the AirSafe automatic safety controller. E-Series enclosures are a green laboratory solution that helps eliminates energy waste associated with total exhaust fume hood usage.

All E-Series ductless fume hoods meet and exceed relevant OSHA and ANSI Z9.5 standards. Enclosures are manufactured in the USA and are shipped fully assembled.