Hamilton Shift-N-Scan Module Automates On-Deck Bar Code Reading of up to 96 Tubes

Hamilton Robotics introduces the Shift-N-Scan Tube Bar code Scanner - a patented module for the Microlab® NIMBUS Automated Liquid Handling Platform that enables hands-free bar code reading of sample tubes. Compatible with the NIMBUS4 benchtop system, Shift-N-Scan provides significant time savings while reducing errors inherent in manual tube scanning. Shift-N-Scan moves rows of tubes to positions on either side of the scanner, quickly recording the bar codes for accurate sample tracking. The new tool also detects and records errors if a tube cannot be scanned and reports empty spots in the rack.

Bar codes are an essential element in today's lab and they are critical to sample tracking documentation. The mechanics of scanning a 96-tube rack have traditionally been difficult, requiring manual intervention. The new Shift-N-Scan module addresses this issue.

The Microlab NIMBUS platform delivers a high-density deck in a compact footprint, for easy benchtop positioning. The affordable system utilizes the same proprietary air- displacement technology that is built into all Hamilton STAR workstations, delivering the highest levels of pipetting performance and accuracy available today.