METTLER TOLEDO Introduces HX204 Moisture Analyzers

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to introduce the latest generation HX204 Moisture Analyzer, providing high measurement performance and compliance with industry standards. 

Solid compliance

The HX204 can be adjusted and calibrated at operating temperature, ensuring the instrument is performing optimally under specific working conditions. The built-in LevelControl warns the user if the instrument is not correctly leveled. Fully automatic calibration technology (FACT) eliminates the need for frequent manual testing with external weights. Internal weights adjust and calibrate the balance and ensure accurate results at all times. Individual user rights can be established to ensure compliance with quality guidelines. Personalized home screens provide only the information required to perform daily tasks. Password protection and access rights prevent errors and ensure SOPs are met. Shortcuts enable drying methods to be started with just one click for fast, error-free operation.

Easy result tracking

Full process control is crucial for manufacturers. Therefore real-time graphics show the drying curve for each measurement. Trends in moisture content over time are monitored by integrated control charts. Pass/fail decisions are simplified by establishing individual control limits for each product.

State-of-the-art performance

An advanced halogen heating system provides precise temperature control. A high performance MonoBloc weighing cell with a capacity of 200 g and 0.1 mg resolution guarantees maximum weighing accuracy, even for very low moisture content. The hanging weighing pan concept distances the weighing cell from the heat of the sample chamber, eliminating the adverse influence of the heater on the weighing cell for more accurate results.

Reference substance for consistently good results

Testing and documenting is crucial to ensure that moisture analyzers produce correct results. The new reference substance SmartCal and a risk-based testing recommendation present a simple and fast solution for testing and documenting instrument performance