PHOTONIS Announces Improved MCP-PMT Detector Unique Square Shape Provides Large Image Capability through Tiling

PHOTONIS USA, Pennsylvania, Inc. announces a new addition to its PLANACON MCP-PMT family, an 8x8 anode array equipped with a ten micron pore microchannel plate, model XP85112. The PLANACON XP85112 is a 53mm active area square optical detector which has been designed to provide faster timing and superior magnetic field immunity when compared to previous PLANACON models. The new XP85112 model is ideal for Cherenkov detectors and a host of general high-energy physics applications, as well as for LIDAR/LADAR and specialized medical imaging.

The new PLANACON model is designed to operate in magnetic fields up to 2 Tesla, making it uniquely suited for applications where strong magnetic fields can interfere with light detection requirements. The smaller pore size of the microchannel plate component provides a typical transit spread time of 35 pico-seconds (ps) for single photon counting, and pulse rise times of <600ps. Its novel square shape allows for multiple detectors to be tiled together to form larger detection areas. Other PLANACON models are available with 25 micron pore microchannel plates, and are available in an 8x8 anode array (Model XP85012) or a 32x32 anode array (Model XP85022). All PLANACON models can be customized with application-specific readout configurations to optimize the detection capabilities.