Eppendorf announces new rotor additions for Centrifuges 5804 and 5810!

Eppendorf introduces two new rotors for centrifuges 5804 R and 5810 R, which are defined as the true workhorses of the lab with their renowned quality, reliability and versatility. The new 6x50ml fixed-angle rotor (FA-45-6-30) is now available for use in both the 5804 R and the 5810 R! This rotor can spin up volumes up to 50ml with max speeds ranging from 16,639 x g in the 5804, 5804 R and 5810 to 20,130 x g in the 5810 R series. This rotor also includes Eppendorf’s aerosol-tight QuickLock™ lid technology, which requires only a quarter turn!A new aerosol-tight deepwell plate, swing-bucket rotor (A-2-DWP-AT), is also available for use in centrifuges 5810 and refrigerated 5810 R. It contains two large buckets with easy-to-use aerosol-tight caps, which are able to spin up to 5 Microtiter Plates or 2 Deepwell Plates (a 60mm loading height) each up to 3,486 x g!