Boost the performance of your mass spec with intelligent reagents
Introducing iChemistry Solutions™      
  From the makers of iTRAQ® comes a new family of reagents custom-designed to improve your mass
spec workflow

              Enable new applications through advanced chemistries
              Improve sensitivity, productivity, and data precision
              Simply your workflow to save time and money
              Ensure the optimal performance of your mass spec – day-in and day-out

See how these integrated chemistries can boost your mass spec applications:

      •    Simplify and streamline your biomarkers and omics workflows
      •    Fast and easy IQ/OQ/PQ – optimize before you analyze
      •    Accelerate contaminant analysis for food and environmental testing
      •    Boost compound sensitivity and selectivity with custom-designed mass tags
      •    Improve amino acid analysis for food, omics, and other applications

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Intelligent chemistries to help you push the limits of your workflow.