Quantachrome Instruments' new analyzer designed to aid research for hydrogen storage and greenhouse gas capture.

Quantachrome Instruments’ new iSorb-HP, an automated bench-top device, measures high pressure adsorption, absorption and desorption of gases such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane on solid samples. It will appeal to those in academia and industry developing the newest materials for use in alternative energy (hydrogen storage) and environmental applications (for greenhouse gas capture and sequestration for example), and who have a need for accurate, high-quality high-pressure data.

Many industrial applications that employ the adsorbing or absorbing of gases onto and into solids do so at high pressures – sometimes as much as many tens or hundreds of atmospheres pressure.  While low pressure, low temperature laboratory equipment is used for useful screening and modeling of samples, the specific sorption capacity of solids of a particular gas is best done at high pressure - often at high temperature too. To meet this difficult demand, yet without sacrificing the necessary scientific principles associated with high pressure gas physics, Quantachrome is pleased to be introducing the specially designed and constructed iSorb-HP. The new computer-controlled analyzer is available with one or two sample ports and is capable of reliably measuring sorption isotherms, also called PCT curves, at pressures up to 200 bar at temperatures up to 400degC. (This type of measuring instrument is sometimes referred to as a Sieverts apparatus.)

Jeff Dixon, Quantachrome’s Director of International Sales says this of the new high-tech, high-pressure addition to Quantachrome’s product line: “A good number of our customers and potential customers have been looking for an extended range high pressure sorption system for some time, and we are pleased that the iSorb-HP is now available.  We expect that it will be very popular with many academic and industrial groups who demand both high quality and high specification in sorption units of this type.”  The new iSorb-HP is available only from Quantachrome and its worldwide distribution network of exclusive agents.