Promega Extends Range of ReliaPrep MiniPrep Systems

RNA Cell MiniPrep and 96 gDNA MiniPrep HT Systems for rapid isolation of RNA and gDNA

Promega Corporation announced today that it has launched the ReliaPrep™ 96 gDNA MiniPrep HT System to complement the recently released ReliaPrep RNA Cell MiniPrep System, for the extraction and isolation of gDNA and RNA respectively. The range of ReliaPrep Systems is designed to isolate pure nucleic acid from very small sample volumes, from blood, tissue, FFPE or cells, in a simple and reliable process, improving productivity and streamlining laboratory processes.

ReliaPrep 96 gDNA MiniPrep HT System provides a robust method for purifying gDNA from blood and Oragene®-DNA sample collection devices in a multiwell format, in volumes of 100-350µl of blood or 700µl of Oragene Discover sample per well. DNA is captured using paramagnetic particles and without the need for an organic solvent, eliminating the need for centrifugation or vacuum manifolds and making the system safe, convenient and suitable for full automation.

The ReliaPrep RNA Cell MiniPrep System enables isolation of RNA from samples of very small numbers of cells. Eluted in small volumes (less than 15µl), the isolated RNA is free of contaminants and inhibitors, ready for use in downstream applications with maximum sensitivity.

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