Is Your Lab Furniture Following Modern Trends?

It is important to select lab furniture that fills specific requirements for your lab including features such as shelves, storage, gas/electricity supplies, and clean areas. The key to a well set up lab is flexibility, functionality and most importantly, safety. When looking back around 50 years, not much has changed other than now having plastic material rather than wood. But we are seeing a lot more in the way of ergonomics in modern laboratories, specifically with modular and mobile workstations.

Featured Product by BenchPro

BenchPro Kennedy Series with Stainless Steel Top

18-Gauge grade 304 stainless steel top with a number 4 brushed finish. Over solid particleboard for strength.

BenchPro offers a wide variety of workbenches and chairs in different options, colors and sizes. They will also custom fit your furniture to suit your needs if required. Click here for more information.

Featured Product by IAC Industries

IAC Industries Flow Lab Workbenches

IAC Laminar Flow workstations are engineered and manufactured with attractive contemporary styling and the highest quality construction.

IAC Industries offers consultation and engineering services on all their lab furniture products that will save you time and money! Click here for more information.


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Zoe Gillan
Product Research Coordinator
LabX Media Group