Sub-ambient reaction systems for crystallisation studies

Available in a choice of configurations Asynt DrySyn® SnowStorm systems provide controlled cooling for sub-ambient chemistry without the need for jacketed reaction vessels or ice baths.

Operating with a suitable chiller / circulator - DrySyn® SnowStorm systems give accurate, stable temperature control down to -50°C and up to +150°C making them perfect for crystallisation studies and screening polymorphs.

DrySyn "SnowStorm One" is designed to accommodate a single standard round-bottomed flask from 50ml to 1000ml. The DrySyn "SnowStorm Multi" takes up to 3 round bottom flasks from 25ml to 100ml, or up to 39 vials in parallel. All SnowStorm units offer powerful agitation using a magnetic stirrer drive.

Widely used for cooled reactions the traditional ice bath is limited to temperatures around 0ºC, requires constant attention and is subject to temperature fluctuations. By comparison the stable controlled performance of DrySyn SnowStorm units means that overnight runs can be performed with complete confidence.