Microscope Images Go Mobile With New Leica DMshare App From Leica Microsystems

Leica Microsystems presents the new iPad* app Leica DMshare for wireless recording and sharing of microscope images. Users can now download Leica DMshare free of charge in the Apple App Store.

The system comprises the Leica ICC50 HD camera, a data transfer hub and the necessary software for the iPad. The app is suitable for all iPad generations and for laboratories with and without a WiFi network, offering users in all areas of microscopy a new standard of convenience and flexibility for their everyday work.**

With Leica DMshare, microscope images can be transferred onto the iPad in real time. This means they are available any time and anywhere – even on the move and independently of the microscope. 

The multilingual user interface is intuitive and easily operated with a touchpad. The user can record and store images with two fingers while looking through the microscope eyepiece. The app is a great time saver, particularly for routine applications.  

The system can be used with several iPad at a time that are connected to a camera. Users can also e-mail microscope images directly from their iPad. Leica DMshare is therefore ideal for teaching and discussions, offering small groups the possibility to share live images in real time and use them for presentations.  

* iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc.

** Leica DMshare is not suitable for diagnostic techniques such as in-vitro diagnostics, or for clinical applications. The app is exclusively designed for use in research and education, e.g. in universities or the pharmaceutical industry.