Beckman Coulter Introduces the Optima MAX-TL Tabletop Ultracentrifuge

Compact, Quiet Instrument Offers Optimum Efficiency

The Optima MAX-TL tabletop ultracentrifuge, from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, delivers optimum functionality and efficiency within a compact and quiet package.  Joining the Optima line of floor and tabletop ultracentrifuges, this entry-level instrument offers context-sensitive onscreen help and is available in multiple native languages to meet a full range of separation requirements in a user-friendly environment.

Users can set multiple programs of up to five steps each using an easily navigated, full-color LCD touch-screen accessible in nine languages: English, Spanish, German, Japanese, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese and Chinese (simplified).

Fully compatible with Beckman Coulter TL labware and fixed-angle, swinging bucket and unique near-vertical tube (NVT) rotors, the Optima MAX-TL can be used in applications including separation of subcellular particles, viruses and viral particles, rate-zonal separation of proteins in sucrose gradient, separation of lipoproteins, pelleting of RNA through a CsCl gradient, isopycnic separation of plasmid DNA and others.

With a maximum speed of 120,000 rpm and maximum rcf of 657,000 x g, the instruments control speed within ±50 rpm of set point.  Temperatures can be set from 0° to 40°C in 1°C increments, and controlled within ±2°C of set point (after equilibrium).  The units operate in ambient temperatures from 15° to 35°C.  Thermoelectric refrigeration eliminates CFCs and ODCs.

Beckman Coulter Optima MAX-TL ultracentrifuges fit in a standard BioSafety* hood, include HEPA filtration (filter available separately), and can use BioSafe* centrifuge tubes and fluid containment annulus rotors.  Operating sound level is <47dBa.

“The Optima MAX-TL tabletop is an instrument for those working with smaller sample sizes and fills out our best-in-class line of ultracentrifuges,” noted Patrick O’Donnell, senior global manager of marketing. “The unit’s features and user-friendly qualities will make it of great service to researchers.”

Market-leading Optima X Series floor models, including the XE and XPN, and Optima MAX Series tabletop models, including the Optima MAX-XP and the new MAX-TL, comprise a complete line of ultracentrifuges. Total system design integrates instrument, rotors and labware to provide unparalleled performance and usability across the full range.