Ocean Optics QE65 Pro Scientific Grade Spectrometer

High sensitivity ideal for fluorescence, Raman, DNA and low light levels

Ocean Optics’ latest scientific-grade modular spectrometer, the QE65 Pro, brings enhanced sensitivity and low stray light capabilities to deliver optimal performance in fluorescence, Raman and DNA sequencing spectroscopy.

The QE65 Pro’s new optical bench components more efficiently manipulate light for greater throughput and higher sensitivity. A thermally robust design promotes spectrometer wavelength stability over a wide temperature range. Its ultralow jitter triggering synchronizes timing accurately with other devices.

An extensive range of new gratings have been selected for the QE65 Pro to optimize wavelength range and stray light performance characteristics. To further tailor the instrument to application needs, replaceable slits can be reconfigured by the user in the field. By simply changing the slit, users can more precisely balance optical resolution and throughput needs to achieve highly accurate results with a single multipurpose instrument.

The Hamamatsu FFT-CCD back thinned detector that forms the core of the instrument is distinguished by high quantum efficiency (90% maximum) and low etalon characteristics. Its design significantly improves signal-to-noise ratio (>1000:1) and signal processing speed. The QE65 Pro is capable of low light level detection and long integration times–from 8 milliseconds to 15 minutes, with virtually no spectral distortion.