AirClean® Systems announces the addition of Bulk Handling Enclosures to their PowderSafe™ product line.

Responding to the need of effective containment during bulk powder manipulation without the expense or space requirements of a traditional walk-in or ‘free-standing’ enclosure, AirClean® Systems developed the PowderSafe™ Bulk Handling Enclosure. With a unique drum access port incorporated into the base of the enclosure, the drum can be raised and sealed to the access port, effectively extending the enclosure’s containment area into the drum. When drum access is not required, the included access port cover can be used to seal the base, allowing for use as a standard balance enclosure. Designed to provide a turbulence-free airflow environment, PowderSafe™ Bulk Handling Enclosures move air in a horizontal pattern to maximize containment while minimizing sample loss and balance instability.

Proprietary HEPASafe™ filter change out technology, incorporated into each PowderSafe™ Bulk Handling Enclosure, allows the operator to safely and effectively change both the pre-filter and primary HEPA filter. Standard on each bulk handling enclosure is the AirSafe™ Automatic Safety Controller. The face velocity on the PowderSafe™ Bulk Handling Enclosure, as preset by the
operator, is constantly monitored and maintained by the AirSafe™ Automatic Safety Controller. AirSafe™ monitors the condition of both HEPA filters and provides audible and visible alarms when filter change out is necessary.

Bulk Handling Enclosures come complete with a sturdy stand which provides a comfortable working
height of 39 inches. The bulk handling enclosures are available in 4-ft., 5-ft. and 6-ft. widths with a
nominal depth of 36 inches.

Optional bonded carbon filtration for removal of fumes during bulk chemical handling and dispensing can be added to the PowderSafe™ Bulk Handling Enclosure. The AirSafe™ automatic controller constantly monitors the carbon filter life and alerts the end user when filter change out is necessary.

The PowderSafe™ product line has been independently tested for containment of potent compounds and fugitive gases.