NEW Bruker SCION 436 and 456 Gas Chromatography Series

Innovation in Gas Chromatography

Launched at the recent 23rdAnalytica Trade Fair in Munich, Germany (April, 2012) Bruker’s long tradition of innovation and product reliability have combined to create the next generation of SCION Gas Chromatographs. By understanding and then designing to exceed the most critical performance and reliability needs of GC users, Bruker’s new SCION™ 436-GC and SCION 456-GC have been designed to meet the most important user specified requirements – reliable performance, ease of use and simple maintenance.

Enhanced Operator Benefits

Bruker offers a range of SCION GC’s to meet virtually all application requirements. All GC’s are equipped with the convenience of:

·         advanced EFC;

·         9” touch-panel designed for full GC operation in 13 different languages;

·         embedded control architecture enabling remote user interface software;

·         gas saving capabilities;

·         turnkey analyzer solutions;

·         targeted solution plug-ins that allow special reporting in specific markets.

Increased Productivity

The new SCION 436-GC and SCION 456-GC set new standards for data acquisition speed at >600Hz per channel for rapid separations and greater analysis throughput. This key advance increases productivity and provides a platform that will inspire further advancement of GC separation technology.

SCION 436-GC is a compact instrument supporting two injectors and two detectors, including mass spectrometer – the perfect choice when bench space is at a premium.

SCION 456-GC provides industry-leading flexibility by supporting three injectors and four detectors, including the mass spectrometer.