Things to Consider When Purchasing a Water Bath

Whether you are thawing, heating, or stabilizing samples, it is important that you choose a lab bath that meets your needs.  In general, water baths are used for temperature related applications such as heating samples that can't be heated directly with a hot plate, bunsen burner, or any other instrument.  There are many things to consider when buying a lab bath.   Some of these include temperature, construction/dimensions of the water bath, accessories available, and finally, the type of water bath.  Choosing the right type of water bath can sometimes be tricky as the best method of cooling or heating a substance will often depend on the nature of that very substance.  For example, shaking water baths allow the samples to mix vigorously while heating or cooling.  In the end, it is always recommended to contact your water bath supplier before finalizing a purchase in order to ensure you've made the right decision for your application.

The addition of a Brookfield Circulating Bath is a smart investment. For high temperature measurement up to 300°C, the Brookfield Thermosel is recommended.

Cole-Parmer offers an extensive array of laboratory circulators and baths to meet the demands of almost any temperature control application.

Select the product that is right for your application from Thermo Scientific.  Check out the most comprehensive portfolios of temperature control solutions that deliver scalable product offerings ranging from bench top research to large process manufacturing.


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James Vandal
Product Research Coordinator
LabX Media Group