Eppendorf announces new Refrigerated Centrifuge 5424 R

The new Eppendorf refrigerated centrifuge 5424 R sets the new lab standard with established ergonomics, outstanding quality, and superior temperature control! The 24 place centrifuge 5424 R can spin up to 21,130 x g and can accurately cool to set temperatures from -10°C to 40°C. The FastTemp function allows for super fast 8 minute pre-cooling to 4°C! This refrigerated microcentrifuge includes a condensation drain to eliminate water accumulation and to prevent corrosion. Centrifuge 5424 R also has incredible versatility with 4 different rotor options! Options include the unique Kit rotor, which is designed with an extended rim to support tube caps when using MiniPrep spin column kits.

For more information on Eppendorf Centrifuge 5424 R, please visit eshop.eppendorfna.com/Eppendorf_5424-R_centrifuge