New Perfinity Integrated Digestion Platform Simplifies Protein Sample Preparation

In partnership with Perfinity Biosciences, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has released the Perfinity Integrated Digestion Platform (IDP). Based on the Perfinity Workstation, the Perfinity IDP system automates key proteomics workflow steps to significantly reduce sample preparation times and enhance reproducibility.

Traditionally, manual sample preparation techniques involving 18-hour tryptic digestion to reverse-phase HPLC and mass spec detection take three days to complete. With Perfinity IDP, which features a customized Shimadzu HPLC system and multiple Perfinity columns, this time is reduced dramatically to 30 minutes or less. This is accomplished through automated integration of buffer exchange, digestion, desalting and reverse-phase separation. The automated process removes much of the equipment and labor associated with LCMS analyses of proteins, minimizing a potential source of error and improving laboratory productivity.

In addition to the substantial time savings, Perfinity IDP provides users with consistent, highly reproducible results. In contrast to manual techniques, in which samples are prone to sample loss and contamination, the integration of hardware components, columns, buffers and software eliminates disjointed protein sample prep processes. As a result, coefficient of variation values reported at each step, as well as for the entire assay, are less than 10 percent.

Perfinity IDP can be used in multiple application areas, including assay development, protein purification, drug development and biomarker discovery. The modular nature of the system enables upgrading to the full Perfinity Workstation, which features a second column oven and automation of affinity selection.