Animal Research Equipment

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NuAire - AllerGard 619

Manufactured by NuAire

AllerGard 619 Animal Transfer Station

Clinipath - Environmental Cabinet

Manufactured by Clinipath

    The Clinipath Environmental cage system gives a more controlled environment for the product and techn...

Harvard Apparatus - Model 683

Manufactured by Harvard Apparatus

Small Animal Ventilator - Volume Controlled Single Animal

Better Built - R700 Series

Manufactured by Better Built

BetterBuiltĀ® R700 Series High Efficiency Cage and Rack Washer

Harvard Apparatus - Ultra-Precise Stereotaxic Frame

Manufactured by Harvard Apparatus

Model 963 Ultra Precise Small Animal Stereotaxic is designed to bring new standards of positioning precision to the...

Allentown - NexGen

Manufactured by Allentown

The NexGen is new...but filled with the values that have made Allentown the number one housing solution provider to the Laboratory An

Baker - SterilGARD Pass-Thru System

Manufactured by Baker

For easy animal receiving, The Baker Company's Pass-Thru System combines standard 4-foot or 6-foot SterilGARD cabinets...

Baker - SterilGARD ATS

Manufactured by Baker

The SterilGARDĀ® III AdvanceĀ° Animal Transfer Station offers a new adaptive ergonomic design combined with a unique...

Baker - SterilGARD e3 ATS

Manufactured by Baker

Animal Transfer Station with Adjustable Mobile Lift

Baker - SterilGARD e3 Necropsy Unit

Manufactured by Baker

The Necropsy Unit permits specialized laboratory animal research procedures such as dissection and surgery, cell...

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