Blood Gas Analyzers

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OPTI Medical Systems - OPTI® CCA-TS

Manufactured by OPTI Medical Systems

Powerful, Flexible and Convenient in a Compact Bench-top or Point of Care Analyzer

Radiometer - ABL90 FLEX

Manufactured by Radiometer

Next-generation, cartridge-based, POC analyzers

Radiometer - ABL80 FLEX

Manufactured by Radiometer

Portability and fast turnaround time in point-of-care testing

Radiometer - ABL700

Manufactured by Radiometer

Get all critical care parameters in one accurate analysis

Radiometer - NPT7

Manufactured by Radiometer

Cartridge-based analyzer with basic testing panel

Radiometer - ABL5

Manufactured by Radiometer

Benchtop analyzer with basic testing panel

Medica - EasyBloodGas

Manufactured by Medica

With Medica's EasyBloodGas analyzer the sophistication of traditional blood gas analyzers has been packaged in a new...

Medica - EasyStat

Manufactured by Medica

Easy inside and out

ITC - IRMA TruPoint®

Manufactured by ITC

Bedside Testing That's Accurate, Reliable and Self Contained

Nova Biomedical - Stat Profile® pHOx® Series

Manufactured by Nova Biomedical

Advanced Technology Blood Gas/Critical Care Analyzers

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