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Reichert Technologies - Rhino Series

Manufactured by Reichert Technologies

Rhino Series Brix Handheld Refractometers

Anton Paar - Abbemat Heavy Duty Line

Manufactured by Anton Paar

The refractometers of the Heavy Duty line are designed for measuring the refractive index under harsh environments and...

Leica Microsystems - Digital Abbe Refractometer

Manufactured by Leica Microsystems

Leica (Reichert Analytical Instruments) manufactured these bench-top Refractometers and they are specifically designed to combine consistency&accuracy

Atago - Clinical Refractometers

Manufactured by Atago

ATAGO Clinical Refractometers use special scales for clinical purposes such as specific gravity of urine, and total protein in serum or plasma.


Manufactured by METTLER TOLEDO

Refracto 30GS is a compact, easy-to use portable refractometer for measurements in laboratory and production environments.

METTLER TOLEDO - LiquiPhysics Excellence Refractometers

Manufactured by METTLER TOLEDO

The LiquiPhysics Excellence RM refractometers can combine density and refractive index with cell modules.

Bellingham and Stanley - Eclipse

Manufactured by Bellingham and Stanley

Eclipse Optical Hand Held Refractometer

Rudolph Research Analytical - J357

Manufactured by Rudolph Research Analytical

Designed as a research quality instrument the J357 has the highest performance of any refractometer in the Rudolph range.

Sartorius Group - Brixxus CRI 204 and CRI 265

Manufactured by Sartorius Group

The Brixxus CRI 204 and CRI 265 devices are automatic critical angle refractometers used to determine concentrations in...

Sartorius Group - Brixxus CRI 245 F

Manufactured by Sartorius Group

The Brixxus CRI 245 F is an automatic critical angle refractometer used to determine concentrations in a carrier...

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